Where imagination comes to life.

There’s a little village in Derbyshire too beautiful to name. It’s a secret place whose whereabouts is known only to the residents and a trusted few. It can only be seen by those with an open mind and an open heart. To be fortunate enough to be invited is a great honour.

The village is a model of perfection. Each construction is bathed in history, a protagonist throughout many generations’ stories. It’s a place where everything runs like clockwork. Everyone has their place and a role that they fulfil.

Every morning the residents are lined up ready for the day, though not every day is the same. It’s not until that moment that the day’s story begins to unfold. Not knowing what may be required can be a challenge and a stress to many. You’ll often find the morning causes many residents to be wound up tightly, on the verge of breaking because they’ve been picked to help with community affairs, a lot of the times in ways they never envisaged.

As the sun begins to set and they all slowly start to wind down, they can go to bed and sleep soundly with the comfortable feeling of being loved and of also being part of something magical.

The day always ends when Timmy is called for dinner. He makes sure everyone is back in their place and settled for the night. He gently closes the lid once everyone is inside and then takes great care to place the box back under the bed out of harm’s way.

He opens his bedside drawer and places a key on a little cushion sewn by his great-great-grandmother. It’s a special cushion, almost as old as the key itself, designed to embrace the key and keep it safe. Every guardian of the key understood its importance. It wasn’t because of its history but the simple fact that it gave life to the clockwork toys under his bed.