Roses are red,
Violence is black and blue.
I’m sick and tired of taking a beating from you.

I’m not your punch bag,
Nor am I your stress relief.
I’m human too, contrary to your belief.

I never gave you that power,
To define who I am.
I’m worthy of loving, I am still a man.

I promised to never hurt you,
To never raise a fist when we fight.
You took that for weakness, and taunted me out of spite.

Enough is enough,
It’s time to make my stand.
With the courage of my convictions I will take command.

So look out tonight,
For tonight I will get my revenge.
All of my pain and suffering will come to an end.

When you sit down all comfy,
And switch the TV on.
Your nightmare will start and you’ll wonder what have I done.

You’ll end up crying,
You’ll be suffering defeat.
That’s when you’ll realise it was I who deleted Coronation Street.