Although that depends on your perspective.

If you’re lucky the cold will kill you before you drown. It’s at times like these when your regrets in life plague you, handicapping your mind when clarity could be your saviour. Struggling to stay afloat in the icy waters Simon can’t stop chastising himself for not learning how to swim.

He can see just ahead of him a lifeline, a potential safe haven merely a few strokes away. It may as well have been on the other side of the world for all the good it was. The cold was sapping Simon’s strength and with his inefficient, unceremonious swimming style it was crippling him further. The anguish of being so close to safety but not being able to reach it began to win the battle for Simon’s mind.

It was futile. He started to give in and let go; let the waves take him. His thoughts played as a slideshow, detailing the best moments of his life. The day when he could finally leave home and spread his wings was a particular favourite. He craved new experiences. His sense of adventure often got Simon in the shit but also out of it. It was that curiosity of life that brought him to where he is today.

Simon gathered his senses quickly as a wave smashed him against the iceberg. Salvation at last, he thought. For now at least, he wasn’t dead. The cold may still get him, but at least now he was out of the water. It was hard to keep his footing as the surface was sheer ice. Wave after wave crashed against him, but his resolve was paying off. That was until the skies opened.

The downpour was unrelenting. Every drop hurt, burning into the skin. Global warming not a real problem? Being at an ice cap would refute such claims. It was the last straw for Simon. Morale was as low as his strength. He couldn’t cling onto the iceberg any more. His body along with his life drifted off into the ocean.

For fuck’s sake,” bellowed the fat man. “Oi you, barkeep. I’m not paying for this.” The fat man slammed the glass on the bar, spilling part of the contents over his hand and the counter. “There’s a dead fly in my drink!”

Simon lay face down on the counter, under the ice cube that had temporarily saved his life.