About Nathan M Green

Nathan M Green was born in Germany in 1971, an ‘army brat’, whose father served in the British Army. With Nathan’s family accompanying Nathan’s father on his tours, Nathan was fortunate enough to live and grow up in a number of different countries. His experiences opened his mind to different worlds and fuelled his imagination.

Nathan craved a creative outlet since his youth and began writing songs, drawing cartoons and writing short stories. After leaving school and trying several different jobs, Nathan struggled to find a career to pursue. He accidentally fell into a job involving computers and he showed an aptitude for computer programming. This led to a 20 year career culminating in running and owning a software development company.

As with so many, life got in the way of his passions. To re-engage his creativity, particularly in storytelling, Nathan decided to resume his writing. With multiple short stories published in online publications, he has now embarked on writing a number of novels.

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