Pepe d’Blanco’s name was known throughout all the kingdoms. His reputation had travelled further than the man himself. He was so revered, those of noble blood would risk life and limb crossing great oceans and seas to secure his services. He was the finest tailor the lands had ever known and in these lands of pomp and grandeur it was the highest honour one could ever hope to achieve.

You may think with such accolades a man’s ego would be bigger than a king’s ransom, but Pepe was a humble man, grounded by the love of his family. His wife of thirty years stood by him every step of the way, encouraging him to follow his dream and live his passion. She bore him a daughter more beautiful than he felt he deserved. They were his moon and his stars.

Pepe had a secret, a secret behind his great success. He owned a pair of magical scissors his wife had gifted to him. One day when Pepe was feeling low and was ready to give up his dream, his wife cast a spell on the scissors to help guide his hand and help him fulfil his destiny. Mind you his wife was never a witch, it was the great love she had for him that fuelled this one-off spell.

The greatest day of their daughter’s life was fast approaching as she was soon to be wed. Pepe insisted on making the bridal dress, a way he thought he could best show his love. Kings, queens, dukes, duchesses, lords and ladies all insisted on being in attendance to pay their respect to Pepe, not to mention for an excuse to see the dress, expected to be the best of the century.

It was two weeks before the wedding when he began to start making the dress. He entered his workshop as normal, eager to create. His eyes widened and he gasped for air. A bead of sweat trickled from his brow and down his cheek. Frantically he searched through drawers, beneath tables and under bolts of fabric. His scissors were nowhere to be found. He was lost. His life had been turned upon its head. He wouldn’t be able to make his daughter her dress.

Supper had been and gone. Pepe’s wife was concerned with his absence. She went to look for him at his workshop and found him sat under the cutting table crying.

“My dear Pepe, whatever is the matter,” she said.

“I can’t make Lianna’s dress. I’ve failed her.”

“What in the world has happened?”

“I’ve lost my scissors. The magical ones you gave me.”

“You still use those old scissors?”

“Of course. The magic spurs me on. It makes everything work.”

“Do the scissors make you work 14 hours a day?”

“No, I choose to do that.”

“Do the scissors give you the ideas?”

“No, they come to me when I feel the fabric.”

“Do they draw the designs, thread the needles or sew the seams?”

“No, they are only scissors.”

“That’s right, they’re only scissors. They never were magical, the magic was inside you. I wanted to give you confidence. I thought you understood. Everything you have done, everything you have achieved came from you, not some old scissors.”

Pepe was bewildered. “It was all me?”

His wife nodded and kissed him on the forehead. “It always was. Tomorrow you will wake up fresh, see how happy your daughter is and with all the love in your heart to guide you, you will make the dress befitting the daughter of Pepe d’Blanco.”

The joy returned to Pepe’s face. He squeezed his wife so tight she began to blush.

The next day Pepe worked like a man possessed, and the next day and the day after that until the dress was complete. The day of the wedding was soon upon them.

Everybody who was anybody and those who weren’t descended on the wedding. The church burst at the seams with nobility, there was barely any room for the wedding couple’s families. It was time.

The organ began to sound and everyone fell silent, turning towards the entrance and waiting for the bride. Pepe was the first to be seen as they rounded the corner. His daughter held onto his arm as he escorted her into the church. The entrance was quite dark and they were hard to see clearly. The stained glass above the alter focused the sun’s rays and cast an angelic spotlight along the aisle.

Once they stepped into the light, gasps and swoons filled the air. Nobility crumpled to their knees, their tears flowed down the aisle. They clambered over each other to be closer to such a gift. Hands stretched from the pews hoping to catch a fleeting touch as Lianna continued her glide towards the altar.

Arguments erupted and violence shortly followed. They cast off their titles, offering them to Lianna for just a touch. By the time she made it to the altar the nobility was no more. There was not a king, queen, duke, duchess, lord or lady left in the land. They abandoned everything just to be near her, to be someone worthy of being in the presence of such a gift.

Love does a leveller make.

As for the dress, Pepe couldn’t create it without his scissors so he bought it from Marks and Spencer.