I owe my fortune to my grandfather. He was a visionary of his day. Way back in 2014 he was laughed at for squandering his money on hare-brained schemes. He ignored the jealous tongues dripping poison over a computer keyboard and blocked more trolls than Van Helsing had saved innocent maidens’ virtue. He never once doubted that he would strike gold and secure a future for his family.

It was 21st June 2014 when his fortune changed. Every year on this date we celebrate my dear grandfather. We thank him for his perseverance, his generous soul and his love for his family. We’d start the celebration by reading out the email that blessed our family:

Dear beloved friend,

Please forgive my intrusion with this email. My name is Prince Apara Kachinpopgorn and I’m the heir to the throne of Nigeria.

I need your help to protect my family from the upcoming civil war. I will reward generously anyone who will help.

First and foremost I must secure our family’s fortune. I have $40 million I obtained from an oil contract that I need transferred out of the country. I’m unable to use an African bank account and therefore need your assistance.

All I ask of you is to open an account with a Nigerian bank with at least $10,000 in order to be a qualified foreign recipient of the funds. Once the account and funds have been confirmed I will be able to transfer the $40 million. I would be willing to share $4 million with you after my family is safe.

Yours with the greatest respect,

Prince Apara Kachinpopgorn

Within 3 months of opening the account and making the $10,000 deposit my Grandfather received $4 million. It was an easy way for him to make money, so he sought out other Princes, Generals, Colonels and Investment Groups caught in the same bind. In under 4 years my Grandfather had amassed $326 million.

In 2020 my Grandfather founded the Families Longing for Unobtainable Fortune Foundation, of which I am now the proud CEO. He founded FLUFF to help others take advantage of the aforementioned opportunities. Our job is to make millionaires.

This brings me nicely to the reason for this back story. FLUFF is a company for believers, people who have faith in people like Prince Apara Kachinpopgorn. If you’re a believer, if you’d have helped the Prince then we’d like to hear from you. For a simple $10,000 investment in FLUFF you will be able to get the same return my Grandfather did, guaranteed!

Deposit account details can be found on the FLUFF website.

Thank you for your investment.