Hugh liked to sit at the edge of the river on a moss-covered rock, catching the odd ray of sun that would penetrate the canopy. It was the simple things in life that gave him the most pleasure.

He would occasionally have a swim to cool down or position himself better for a bit of a snack. However watching life go by was a full time career that he was fully committed to.

A mouse came up to the river to get a drink. The current was too strong to risk drinking directly from it, so he found a small puddle created by the spray from the river hitting the rocks.

He looked up and saw Hugh sunbathing.

“What are ya? Ya look horrible.”

“I’m a frog. I’m sorry if that offends you.”

“It’s puttin’ me off me water.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. The water still tastes nice. Try closing your eyes while you drink.”

“I’ve ‘ad enough now,” said the mouse in a huff. He turned and ran back into the woods.

Hugh had a little stretch and positioned himself to get some more sunlight.

A fish popped his head up out of the water.

“I don’t like the way you look. Stay out of this water or else!”

“I’m sorry,” said Hugh. “I don’t want to cause you any trouble.”

“You’ll not be causing trouble, you’ll be having trouble.” With that pleasant exchange the fish plunged back underwater and swam away.

The sunlight was starting to recede, so Hugh repositioned himself again in order to catch the last of the rays.

He heard a voice from above. “You’re a horrendous sight.”

He looked up and saw a bird perched on a branch.

“I’m sorry if my appearance disturbs you,” said Hugh.

“Disturbs me? It revolts me. I can’t bear for you to insult my eyes any longer.” With those kind words the bird flew away.

Hugh gave out a little yawn and a stretch. He looked for the sun but it had gone to bed for the night.

“Oh well. Another end to a glorious day,” he cheerfully said to himself.

From the shadows slithered a snake. “Helloooo Mr Frog. I’ve been watching you all day.”

“Hello,” said Hugh.

“The mousssse, the fishhhhh and the biiiird were all nasty to you but you didn’t seem to be upssset. What’s your sssecret?”

“They’re the ones that were upset. It seemed as though being nasty to me would help them feel better about themselves. It’s only words. I’m happy I could help,” Hugh said with a beaming smile.

“That’sss very commendable. I think you look great just the way you areeeee. Could we be friendssss?”

“Why not? I don’t have many friends.”

“Ssssplendid. Why don’t you come over for dinner?”

“Sure,” said Hugh as he hopped towards the snake.

The snake lunged at Hugh and swallowed him whole.

At least when they’re nasty to your face you can choose whether or not to let it affect you. It’s the slimy looking fuckers that compliment you when they have a hidden agenda you’ve really got to worry about.